What’s All This About?

My name is Nicole and I married my solider in April of 2010. Within weeks we were packing the car and waving goodbye to our family for our first military relocation. A year later, we welcomed our first son into the world, 3,o00 miles away from the closest family member. 2 years later and 9 months pregnant, we moved cross country without confirmation of on post housing and no back up plan house to rent. Talk about winging it. 😉

Over the years I have researched everything under the sun, and have learned so much from other military spouses, or spouses of those who family moves frequently. But it’s just that – a random and scattered collection of advice. What if there was one place to find potential solutions to SUPER common challenges from someone to experienced it?

This is a collection of my top tips, tricks, and tools that I have learned over the year (not to mention the mistakes I made too!) and hope it could be of help to other families out there struggling with their own life of madness.



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